Hillsdale State Park Campground Review

This is a nice state park just outside of Ottawa, Kansas. This was our second choice in the area, the first being Pomona Lake, which is also a great campground in the area. The only issue is that Pomona Lake was pretty well booked up, and the site that we had reserved would not fit our rig. So, we had to move on. Either of these campgrounds will serve you well if you’re in the area, but the Sunflower Loop of Hillsdale State Park is very big rig friendly. In fact, I’m pretty sure that our setup would have fit … Read More

Pomona State Park

This is a nice state park just outside of Ottawa, Kansas. We were only able to stay here one night, and that night was not in a designated camping site. While long enough for our rig, our site had multiple obstacles that prevented us from using it. The park staff was gracious enough to allow us to set up in the storm shelter parking lot, right across from the lake, for the evening so we could figure out an alternative spot the next day. They even gave us a full refund on our site fees. So, we set up boondocking … Read More

Our RV Cabinet Renovation – GOODBYE Brown Cabinets

  Brown….yep, brown.  The majority of RV’s on the market are brown.  Old and new – brown.  The color of a turd.  Yes, it does cover any dirt and grime you get from camping pretty well, but do you really just want to hide that dirt and grime?  I’m not so sure I do.  I mean, yeah, it would be great to not see it, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not there.  I’d rather just be forced to clean it up because I can see it.  If that’s not you – well, maybe brown is your thing, so this … Read More

About Us…a little more detailed.

Our decision to go full timing was the culmination of several events in our life. Our kids graduated high school and left home, and shortly thereafter we moved to Austin, Texas for employment. As part of the move, we sold our house in Florida and rented a home in Austin. Not long after our move, the employment situation changed, and Jeff ended up with a job that involves working from home. At this point, Candace was already working part-time online and part-time in person. With both of us being mobile, we started to extend our trips a little bit longer. … Read More

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