Pomona State Park

pomona state park, KS

This is a nice state park just outside of Ottawa, Kansas. We were only able to stay here one night, and that night was not in a designated camping site. While long enough for our rig, our site had multiple obstacles that prevented us from using it.

The park staff was gracious enough to allow us to set up in the storm shelter parking lot, right across from the lake, for the evening so we could figure out an alternative spot the next day. They even gave us a full refund on our site fees. So, we set up boondocking style and enjoyed the sunset.

We also got to play generator mechanic, as the choke on the Westinghouse generator stuck open, flooding the generator. Oh well, what’s an RVing stay without a few problems, right? Because we were not in the campground, per se, we had a really nice view and privacy – I think we saw two families using the swimming beach across from us that evening and the next morning.

This is a big campground, with lots of loops and sites. We were able to take the dogs on a long bike ride and a long walk in our short time there. While walking around the campground, we did note some sites that we could have fit in, mostly in the Waucondah Loop. Other sites in the Burning Heart Loop would have worked as well if they weren’t booked.

The Burning Heart Loop has several campsites that are long enough, but all the roads in the loop are narrow single-lane roads and don’t give you a lot of room to maneuver – for truck nose swing or trailer tail swing. The first road, on the very right, if you’re looking at the web sites map, is two-lane and easy for any right to maneuver in. If you’re a large setup, this is the section for you.

Rv site at Pomona State Park

LTE here is suspect. We had a usable signal, but we also have a pretty extensive setup and external antennas. Most of the park staff said the LTE internet wasn’t usable. In fact, the host that checked us in was next door to the site we were supposed to have and said our trailer was going to block her internet access. So, if LTE is important to you, this isn’t your park. This is a pretty heavily wooded campground, so it has the “camping” feel. There is also good fishing here (apparently), so lots of people with boats out and about. The area around the campground is pretty sparse for amenities, so come fully stocked.

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