Ocala North Luxury RV Resort – Camp Ground Review

Ocala North RV Resort Camp Ground Site View

This park has been our overnight spot for travel from Pensacola to central/southern Florida for years. In the past, it was a quiet, sleepy little park in a good location for us. Apparently, in the last couple of years, it was bought by an investment group that has dumped a ton of money into it and expanded it significantly. There are now two big new sections full of fairly closely spaced long pull thru sites. These sites are perfect for overnight stays. The old portion of the park is pretty heavily wooded and provides multiple site types with tree cover.

If I were to stay here for a week or longer, I’d prefer the old side, as it’s nice to have some tree cover in Florida, especially in the summer. With that being said, it’s unlikely you’ll get satellite TV or Starlink coverage in this section. The new section has no obstructions and should be great for any satellite coverage. There is good LTE coverage at this park.

There are a lot of new amenities, which we did not partake in, as it was an overnight for us. Looks like it would be good for a longer stay. The dog park here is very nice and is the biggest we have come across in our 5 years of full-time travel.



Ocala North Luxury RV Resort - Camp Ground Review