Spread Creek, Jackson Wyoming Dispersed Camping Campground Review

Camping spot at Spread Creek Dispersed Campsite

While we were visiting Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone, we started our trip outside of Jackson, Wyoming. We started here because we were coming up from the south. We had a few campsites in mind, but they either had no cell/LTE service for work or the road was a bit rougher than we were willing to travel. Spread Creek has a 5-day limit, but we managed to stretch it out to 8 or 9 days. It pays to be neat and clean and nice to the person that checks. If you get further back in, they don’t really check … Read More

Ocala North Luxury RV Resort – Camp Ground Review

Ocala North RV Resort Camp Ground Site View

This park has been our overnight spot for travel from Pensacola to central/southern Florida for years. In the past, it was a quiet, sleepy little park in a good location for us. Apparently, in the last couple of years, it was bought by an investment group that has dumped a ton of money into it and expanded it significantly. There are now two big new sections full of fairly closely spaced long pull thru sites. These sites are perfect for overnight stays. The old portion of the park is pretty heavily wooded and provides multiple site types with tree cover. … Read More

Hillsdale State Park Campground Review

Hillsdale State Park Campsites

This is a nice state park just outside of Ottawa, Kansas. This was our second choice in the area, the first being Pomona Lake, which is also a great campground in the area. The only issue is that Pomona Lake was pretty well booked up, and the site that we had reserved would not fit our rig. So, we had to move on. Either of these campgrounds will serve you well if you’re in the area, but the Sunflower Loop of Hillsdale State Park is very big rig friendly. In fact, I’m pretty sure that our setup would have fit … Read More

Pomona State Park

pomona state park, KS

This is a nice state park just outside of Ottawa, Kansas. We were only able to stay here one night, and that night was not in a designated camping site. While long enough for our rig, our site had multiple obstacles that prevented us from using it. The park staff was gracious enough to allow us to set up in the storm shelter parking lot, right across from the lake, for the evening so we could figure out an alternative spot the next day. They even gave us a full refund on our site fees. So, we set up boondocking … Read More