Jeff and Candace were living in Austin, Texas, desperately looking for a house to buy in the booming real estate market in 2015 when they decided to ditch the pursuit of the traditional american dream.

As most house hunting goes, the budget kept going up and the must have list kept shrinking.  They had tracked the market and available homes for nearly a year when they had an epiphany one evening, after two weeks of trying to make a property work - they didn't have to live in Austin!

So, we sat back and re-evaluated what we wanted out of life.  It was then that we realized we valued travel and experience more than the traditional American lifestyle, and in fact, had spent 3-4 months of the previous year traveling away from our home.  We decided that we’d rather travel then spend the money and effort on a home that was going to anchor us to the Austin area. 

That evening, as they discussed the future, the decision was made to purchase an RV and see this beautiful country of ours!

This didn't happen overnight - it actually took about 6 months to figure this RV thing out, or so we thought. I think that this is a ever maturing and learning process, and that just when you think you have it figured out, you realize you don't.

We extended our current lease on our house to allow time to get our act together and began researching and looking for our new home.

At the end of those 6 months, we  rented a friends fifth wheel, as we didn't have one yet, and moved from their rental house to the RV and started full time RVing.  The first week was spent in Austin, trying to adapt to RV life and wrap up loose ends, then we hit the road to Pensacola, our first destination.  That first travel day....let's just say it was a disaster!  Check out our blog post on it.

Shortly thereafter, they purchased their first fifth wheel, and since then, have traveled a large portion of the United States, to include Alaska and portions of Canada!  They have also moved on to their second RV, and are planning on doing this for a long time to come.

Jeff is a military veteran that served for 20 years in the US Navy. He retired from that career, and started a new career in the public sector in computer security and forensics. He is originally from Alaska, and has lived all over the United States and Japan. He spends his time working, working out, as well as fixing and upgrading things on the RV - a never ending task!
Candace is an online strength and nutrition coach that focuses on building strength and overcoming the ever present diet culture in America. She has spent time working in youth social services, including a residential camp for juveniles and other residential care programs until she found her calling in health and fitness. She is originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan. She enjoys travel, working out, and playing with the dogs. She recently discovered downhill skiing, and is looking forward to doing more of it!